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Maintenance of your wheel

Proper maintenance extends the life of your wheels and increases the joy of owning them. Clean and shiny are your aluminum rims at their best! Some general tips for proper maintenance of your rims:


Compare rims with brushing teeth. When you do not clean them regularly, many things can dig into the protective layer. With teeth is that the enamel layer; with your wheels it is the protective. Brake dust and road salt are the biggest enemy of your shiny wheels.

The best way of (preventive) maintenance is therefore to, once every two weeks, with a soft sponge, a bucket of water and a mild car shampoo clean your wheels.

Limit the use of aggressive cleaning products

In some cases, it does not work to clean the wheels with a normal detergent. The use of a wheel cleaner is then to consider. Remember that a cleaner can be very aggressive and sometimes can damage the paint on the wheels. Always take a good look at the manufacturer's instructions and always rinse immediately with clean water. The wheel cleaner that is used in carwashes can sometimes be very aggressive. Cut the special rims program when it is not really necessary. Further: Never use an abrasive pad! You neither brush your teeth with sandpaper.

Repair stone pecking and curb damage as soon as possible

If the protective clear coat is damaged by stones or curb damage than dirt has a free reign to nestle under the paint. The results are nasty spots on these places that continue to expand in the course of time. Curb damage or stone pecking should therefore always be repaired as soon as possible with a paint-pencil (acrylic lacquer).

Winter Storage

Winter is probably the toughest period for the wheels. Wet roads, road salt and lower cleaning frequency are the main reason. When it’s cold and rainy, the urge to clean the wheels is much lower than on sunny summer days. It is considerate to safely store your summer wheels in the months of November to February and temporarily switch to a cheaper set of wheels with snow tires.

This way you can drive safely during the winter period and preserve your luxury summer wheels.